Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Playing Outside

This is one mamma that was very excited the sun came out today! I did something I NEVER do--woke P from his nap--so he would have some time to soak up the sunshine and play with his new outside Christmas toys. His new bike is from Granfather and Gran-Gran, and they brought it by early Christmas morning before he woke up, so we had not even told him about it. He was SO EXCITED to see it--but not too much into riding it. He told me, "I can't ride this I am just a little boy." Any tips on how to teach him how to ride? I did my share of running behind him pushing his feet with my hands....no dice..

His favorite new toy was--of COURSE--his remote control monster truck! Santa was not exactly sure if this was what P had in mind, but after seeing him play today I think Santa did pretty good :)

Had to include a picture of John Cole--precious angel baby! He is really enjoying his new bouncy seat from Santa, and I am enjoying his having a new "prop." I put him in the swing a couple of times last week and he was NOT having it. Seems like I remember P didn't like it right at first either so I will keep trying....

Hope you are enjoying this holiday week with your family and that Santa was good to you!

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Halls said...

teaching to pedal is hard so be patient. i think i remember saying "push forward or push with your toes" and every time he went backwards, i would say "that's backward, try pushing forward" and use my hands to push down his toes on the pedals. takes lots of patience for both parent and child! We did this when he was two and then he got the balance bike and never had to worry about pedaling. hope this helps! looking forward to seeing you!