Monday, June 30, 2014

Ch-Yo-Ca Part 2

Just wanted to do another post to add some "closure" to Preston's awesome week at Ch-Yo-Ca.  He is already talking about going next year, but REALLY has his sights set on spending the night in two years.  I don't know if Mommy will be ready for that....

Shown is the large group, song practice the last day and Preston with his cabin "Boys Lodge 2."  And lastly is a shot of his ART AWARD winning painting of Jesus on the cross.  You KNOW this mama was proud!

I don't know how much he absorbs of the Bible classes, nor do I know how much he will remember, but I do know this is an amazing place with the sweetest people who LOVE the Lord.  It would almost be hard for some "Jesus" not to rub off :)  So, until next year.....

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greetings from Camp Ch-Yo-Ca

Preston is REALLY enjoying his second year at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca in Calhoun.  I am really enjoying getting to see pictures of what he is up to as they have a photographer taking pics all day and they post them online.  Of note:

1) I had a proud Mommy moment when I picked him up yesterday and they told me how much they are enjoying my P. Shown is him riding on the shoulders of the counselor named "Preston" and rumor has it they are both favorites at camp :)

2) The Bible story was The Good Samaritan on Tuesday and Preston gave me an expert play by play of the action.  I was also proud that day he told me he shared the Smarties he found on the ground with one of his new friends...

3) Thanks fam for all of the mail to him.  He says you have to do a dance when you get mail, but he got so much yesterday he had to do the "chicken dance!"  He loves it and I appreciate you effort.

LOVE THIS PLACE and so grateful it is right down the road. Hopefully I will get some more shots from Thursday and Friday :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Happenings

It has been a very eventful June thus far!  The boys and I are LOVING our Summer schedules...we've been sleeping pretty late these days...and LOVING fun in the sun!  We have had  a visit from the snowcone truck, Preston has attended two camps and swim lessons, John Cole has had swim lessons and is swimming like a fish, Preston has been golfing, fishing and tubing with his Daddy, John Cole and I have been on multiple occasions to pick blueberries and of course we have been fixtures at the Squire Creek pool. The BIGGEST thing that happened this month, however, is that our Pop got a new aortic valve!  We traveled to Houston to be with him during the surgery--and did some fun things too--and I am happy to report although he is not back to 100% he is recovering very well.  Please continue to pray for both he and my mom as they journey together toward his complete healing.

Hope your Summer is off to a great start.  More later....