Friday, February 26, 2010

Preston's Vacay to Nana and Pops

My mom took a bunch of pictures while she and Pop where keeping Preston, so I thought I would share some here. Preston did get to play in the snow in Winnfield, but just like most of you with similar age children have told me--he wasn't so jazzed about it. I mean, he mostly enjoyed splashing in the mudpuddles from the melting snow......
Also, my mom likes to bathe Preston in her utility room sink because it is easier on her you can see he likes that :)
Last pic is Preston with my Grandmother. She and my Grandfather have a BEAUTIFUL yard that they love to spend time in. (Well, my Grandmother enjoys it more than my Grandfather, HA!) Anyway, Preston went to see them while we were gone and had a blast outside I am sure.
Happy rainy day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little stinker!

Now, I'm not saying there hasn't been ANY crying, or that EVERYTHING healthy offered at mealtime has been devoured, but it has been such a GREAT few days with Preston since we got back from vacation! He has been really clingy, but I haven't really minded much because I have wanted to cuddle :) I did not mention in the earlier post that Preston made his first trip to the ER while we were gone for a cut on his forehead from tripping and hitting a brick patio head on--no big deal but I KNOW it was very hard for Nana and Pop :( Thankfully, it looks as if there won't be a scar....
I took this picture this afternoon after we got home from MDO....he was quite proud of himself for not only tipping the hamper but crawling on top as you can see. It is always scary when things get a little too quiet......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mt. Crested Butte Adventures

I just don't know if Jeff and I have had a better vacation together! Of course, we missed Preston so much while we were gone, but knew he was in very good hands with Nana and Pops :)
We just got back yesterday from a week-long adventure to Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado. Jeff and I had not skied for 4 years, but really fell right into step and enjoyed skiing together. Now, I bit the dust more than Jeff did--but in my defense half the time I was just trying to keep UP with him because he goes Kamikaze (sp?) down the mountain!
We made our trip with two other couples-the Richards from Ruston and the Paces from Shreveport-so that made it all the more fun. Of course, we had some date nights out, but for the most part we cooked in our condo at night and enjoyed relaxing watching the Olympics together.
The pictures I have don't do the beauty of this mountain any justice. While riding up the lift, we often just marveled at the beautiful scenery God has made. We got A LOT of snow--36 INCHES during the last 36 hours while we were beautiful :)
I just feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to make this trip...and can't WAIT to take Preston down the slopes...happy week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can you tell me how to get....... Sesame Street?? Tuesday night the path was very clear--and The Parkers headed to the CenturyTel Center to catch the 7:00 show! Now, you can tell that Preston is usually ASLEEP at this hour, so he was not his smiley self. However, I can tell you he very much enjoyed the show. One thing he did I thought was funny was reach out to touch the smoke in the air they were blowing...we were pretty close to the front. There is nothing wrong with his eyesight, that's for sure. The only other thing of note is that he has started clearly saying, "Elmo!" We all had a good time and will definitely go back the next time all the Sesame Street crew comes close....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Dat callin' those SAINTS the "Aints?"

Although I will admit that I have watched a little more Saints football this year than I normally do, I can say that I do remember a time in the not so distant past that I did watch them when they were more aptly described as the "AINTS!" We always watched the Saints at home growing up, and I knew what "Who Dat?" was short for when I was a little girl :) So, because they were so spectacular this year--and I really admire Drew Brees-I got INTO the Saints histeria!!! We went to a SuperBowl party at Squire Creek and Nana and Pops were able to join us. The food was great and we had a really good time. It's too bad that Preston couldn't enjoy the party, adults only were allowed, but I am sure he will be a little Saints fan really soon :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Laissez les bon temps ROULER!

The inception of this little inner party began the day I could not BEAR to lug the Christmas tree to the attic. It really is on its last leg.....SO I made it into a Mardi Gras tree! Since I had a Mardi Gras TREE, I thought I needed some more Mardi Gras decorations. And since I had so many Mardi Gras decorations, I wanted to have a Mardi Gras party :) Also, at Christmas one of Jeff's clients gave him a SCRUMPTIOUS turducken that we needed friends over to help us tackle....
So, we invited Valerie and Sam Costanza and Joanna and Bart Dugdale over for a little dinner, wine and good company. I can not tell you how blessed I feel to have such great Christian friends. (And I should mention Valerie, shown left, is expecting a little girl in April so please keep her in your prayers!)
We had a great time, but hopefully weren't horrible hosts because we were tired from our day. Preston just can't seem to shake this runny nose and chest congestion so we took him to QuickCare yesterday and started a new antibiotic and steroid treatment. There are A LOT of sick kids at Trinity right now, and I am seriously considering holding Preston out of school this week--it could not have come at a worse time as I will be trying to get ready to leave but WORTH it if we can get him WELL! We'll see.
Lastly and actually most improtant, please say a prayer for my good friend Nancy Hunts little 7 week old son, Holt. He has RSV, pneumonia and a suspected case of the flu and had to be airlifted to Shreveport today. I have not talked to her today, but understand baby Holt is expected to be just fine but they need to keep him under better observation than our hospital in Ruston provides. I am sure she and her family will greatly appreciate your prayers :)
Hope your weekend is going great and GO SAINTS!!!!