Friday, March 28, 2014

Breckenridge Ski Trip 2014

We got back last night from our family ski trip to Breckenridge and it was one of my all time favorites.  Everything was perfect except for Nana having a nasty case of altitude sickness for part of the time we were there :(  Jeff and I got to ski three days--on day three a whopping 28,000 vertical feet!--and Preston attended ski school three days and moved up to a Level 3 kid skier.  John Cole also very much enjoyed his time on the mountain.  He and Nana played at the Children's Museum one day, he attended the childcare center two days (He even got to go up the magic carpet for a private lesson) and we all hung out in town one day.  We all LOVED the tubing hill.  Pretty sure the boys liked that the best.  I loved the time to spend as a family and the great skiing conditions this year.  Can't WAIT to go back :)

PS:  We got Preston's acceptance letter for the A. E. Phillips Laboratory School in the mail today!!!He will do another Kindergarten year for the 2014-2015 year.  So happy to have such a great opportunity as this is one of the highest rated schools in the state.  Thanks for all who prayed for him.  (John Cole will automatically be enrolled in the 2017 Kindergarten class :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

We're IN!

The Parker Family made our big move--WHEW!  There is still lots and lots to be done but I am to a point that I can sit down and realize that it WILL all get done eventually and we can be comfortable living :)  Of note I am still waiting on a product I ordered that is to take a faded spot out of my dining table.  Also, there is hanging still to be done (and I have a HUGE pile of things I think I DON'T want to hang that I've got to decide whether to save or sell..). And, last but not least, there is still some shopping to be done to add those little extras.......

John Cole is asleep tonight for night #2 in his big boy bed.  Not sure how well he slept last night because he was, well lets say acting sleepy today.  Both boys are very much enjoying their new playroom (no pic of that because when I was taking pictures EVERY piece of EVERY game we own was strewn on the floor...) and I am LOVING them having a place for their things :)

THANKS to the Village of people who help raise my boys who parented them for essentially 10 days while we were getting settled.  Couldn't have done it without you!

Now--who's coming over to EAT on these dishes????

PS:  Just realized there is no pic of the OUTSIDE!!  Will post when landscaping is done :)