Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Eureka Springs Family Trip 2016

Nana and Pop treated us to a wonderful trip to Eureka Springs, AR last week and it is one we won't soon forget.  So many fun things to do ....and so nice to have downtime as well.  We boated, ziplined, went to museums and caves, hit up Silver Dollar City, canoed/kayaked, had a spa day for the girls and of course had some great food...not ad SDC lol.  So much fun with family...especially "baby" Patrick.....Thanks so much Nana and Pop!

Dream Come True

If you know me at ALL, you know that I am a musical theater junkie.  No, really.  I know every word to my favs and have seen almost all of the shows every produced.  Can't get enough.  As a little girl...heck, as a big girl, I have always DREAMED of singing on stage in the lead role of a musical.  My top choices would be Elpheba (Wicked) and Eponine (Les Mis) but really any dream will do ...(get it???)

I auditioned for the Lead in Ruston Community Theater's production of Oklahoma and literally could not BELIEVE I got the role!  I felt silly trying out because...let's face it....I'm knocking on 40.  But I GOT IT!  I gave that audition my ALL--I really acted a fool---and I GOT IT!

Early in the process I was painfully aware that although my singing voice--and believe it or not my old person dancing skills--are pretty great.  My ACTING was a little lacking at first.  That coupled with the fact I had a LOT of love scenes with that cute cowboy I'm pictured with and I just was rattled...nervous, unsure of myself,...doubting....rattled.  BUT I STUCK IT OUT.  I had to totally get OUT of any sort of comfort zone...and in the end I thought my performance was on point!  Broadway is NOT calling...but on point for RCT!

Had a little sidetrack a week before the show when a show prop I was riding on catastrophically broke while I was on it and I ended up with 5 (yep, 5) staples in my HEAD......but I rallied and was at rehearsal the VERY NEXT NIGHT.  Look, you can't keep me down.  And, they weren't giving my part away...oh no way!

Preston had a TINY role in the show and of course he LOVED staying up late, eating junk food and playing on his iPad...oh yes and his  But I was truly proud of some of the acting I saw from him onstage...he may have the bug as much as Mommy does.....

Gotta keep my figure and get some botox so I can hopefully have a few more years trying for leading lady roles.  It was a BLAST!!  So grateful to Jeff for essentially being Mr. Mom for months while I followed my dream...know not every husband would do that.

Until South Pacific 2017.....

Friday, July 8, 2016

Beach Pics 2016

Whoohoo!! Two blog posts in less than a month..I'm on a roll!!  Really, though, I just couldn't wait to post these.  Trying to decide what to print is going to be so hard.  Family (if anyone is still out there and hasn't given up on me...) which ones do you want!

I actually paid for the rights to get ALL of our old images on CD this year (dating back to when John Cole was 18 months old...) and I don't know that I don't love those even more!  But I do love where our family is right now.  I look at this bottom picture and am so proud of my little boys and love that Jeff Parker more that I did 4 years ago...and even then I didn't think it was possible.

Grateful for fabulous photographers and family memories....

Friday, July 1, 2016

Beach Getaway 2016

Actually embarrassed at how long it has been since I have logged onto this blog! Here are a few pics from our quick trip to Orange Beach this past week.  The boys had a BLAST---stayed at the beach ALL DAY and played in the ocean ALL DAY.  They are super tired!  Of course, you know how much I love the sun and sand.  Great times.  We enjoyed having sweet Miss Kelli along so that Mommy and Daddy could spend some time date nightin', running and sunning by ourselves.  A real treat and a real vacation!

Hope you are having a GREAT Summer....more later....