Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preston's First Day of Pre-K3!!

I can not TELL you how excited Preston was this morning to go to his "big boy room" for his first official day of Preschool in Mrs. Tory's class today. You see, he is going to Trinity, like he has all of his life, but we made a big deal about it being a big boy room, with a big boy potty, etc. Normally, I send ratty spare clothes to school, becuase I don't know how the teachers do it but somehow they really keep the kids pretty clean. This year, however, I sent a pretty nice outfit because I am so stressed out he is going to get excited and not want to stop to go and have an accident...but he could certainly prove me wrong :)

My mom has been telling me that this is the most fun age--and I think I agree. I wish I could bottle his CONSTANT wanting to learn new things that is coupled with the most sweet innocence. So excited to hear about what he has learned today!! More later...

***Pregnancy update***
Just clicking along and will be 26 weeks tommorrow! Hooray! I am starting to get a little tired again, and slightly uncomfortable when turning over in bed, but for the most part I still feel GREAT! I will, however, NEVER cease to be amazed at things people consider to be appropriate to say to a pregnant person. Now, the belly rubbing doesn't bother me at all, as only people I know want to do that, but the little comments REALLY get under my skin. Even something as simple as "you sure are getting bigger" is something I could do without. I mean, it is not polite to tell someone who is not pregnant they "sure are getting bigger" so I just don't know why people think you can just say that to a mom-to-be and not consider that it could be offensive.....that's my rant for the day :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pigskins and Pearls

First of all I just want to say a big thanks to Jessie Hamby for including me in the most super cool table at Pigskins and Pearls. It is true we were at the very back, but I think we were the cutest bunch there :) After reading Jessie's blog post, (and stealing this picture, thanks!) I will agree with her that even though only two years old, P & P has become one of my favorite events as well! I am always up for an opportunity to both support my University and such a great cause as the Boys and Girls club all at the same time. Just one week til kick-off....GO DAWGS!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

3rd Birthday Party

We didn't get a ton of pictures this morning, and even with my fancy camera a LOT of the images are blurry because all of the kids were constantly in motion :) We did get a few cute ones, though, that I wanted to share. The party went well at the Party Galaxy this morning (I think!) and all of the kids were sweaty and exhausted when they left. Preston enjoyed jumping, his racetrack cake and mostly his chocolate ice cream. My favorite pic is when he is making his "silly face." We opened gifts when we got home, and I can't tell you how blessed this little boy is. Thanks to all of you for helping us celebrate and we hope we can celebrate many more with you! Also, thanks to Nana for coming early and helping me decorate. And, of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little man!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Morning

Just a quick post to document the morning of Preston's 3rd birthday! His party is tommorrow, and I am sure I will have lots of pics (!), but I just wanted to share his time this morning. He is at this very moment, sugared up on his birthday donut running around finding ways I would have never thought of to play with his new toys...love his imagination! Jeff and I are so thankful for our little man, and plan to enjoy every minute of this special time. More later...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calling all Louisiana Tech Fans!

We are all (mostly pregnant Mommmy!) pretty worn out from our Sunday so far but I wanted to document our day. We started off our day with Sunday School and Worship--it was promotion Sunday so Preston got to go to a new big boy classroom. No diapers allowed--and he did great! His thoughts about his new class, "They don't have racecars or people (he means littlepeople), but they do have dinosaurs and a kitchen!" After we left Trinity we headed to a quick lunch and then headed to the TAC for Louisiana Tech Football Fan Day.

Fan day was a HIT with Preston--he was living it up and tried out all the activites there were to offer. He was not scared of TECH the Bulldog at all, and walked right up to pet him. Then came the jumpy, of course, followed by football toss, face paint, a little visit with CHAMP and even a photo opportunity with Tech's QB Colby Cameron. I wanted to include the piture of he and Miss Paige--she was at the beach this past week with another family and Preston REALLY had missed her. It does my heart good to see how much he loves her, because I know that means she loves him too. After a little more jumpy time and some bubble chasing, we decided it was time to head home. It is too late for him to nap, so he will definitely be down early tonight. Hooray!

Just wanted to comment that little Aiden Haddox has been discharged from the hospital and continues to improve. He still has a hole in his tiny little heart, but he is gaining some weight and is breathing more normally so surgery can be postponed for now. Thanks for your prayers for this sweet family! Happy Week!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clean TEETH!

This post is in honor of POP! Preston was such a BIG boy at his first trip to the dental office today. Pop has requested that he not be Preston's dentist, and I totally understand why. Turns out, though, that Preston had so much fun today I don't think he would have been a challenging toddler patient :) These pictures are actually staged, as Amanda requested I not be in the room for the actual cleaning, but she said he was very well-behaved! Mrs. Amanda is actually a friend of mine and I really respect her as a hygenist. She said that Mommy and Daddy are doing a good job with our brushing, although he did have some tartar build-up on the fronts of his teeth. That is weird because I thought that's where I was doing the best job? Who knows--at least I know where I need to improve.....more later....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun on the Farm!

Papa Simpson's farm may just be Preston's favorite place on EARTH! I actually put Daddy on birthday party duty yesterday to celebrate George Smith turning 3....I had a lot of errands since we just got back from Dallas...and it was just TOO HOT! (Yes, I used my pregnant card.....gotta do it when you can!) As you can see, Preston and all of the kids had just the best time--but I can't tell you what he smelled like when he got home...OMG!! Straight to the bath he went...

We had a great trip to Dallas-thanks so much to K-K, Kevin and Gran-Gran for keeping Preston! The Four Seasons Las Colinas was just divine, and we spent our days doing not much of anything. We did squeeze in TWO movies and TWO hour-long gym workouts together...now that is the LIFE :) Of course, we ate A LOT, and I spent two hours in A Pea in the Pod, but for the most part we browsed and talked and enjoyed just being together.

I would like to close with a special prayer request. PLEASE say a prayer for Aiden Haddox who is in the PICU at St. Francis dealing with heart complications--he is only WEEKS old! He went into heart failure that is now being controlled by meds, but will almost certainly need surgery to repair his heart. The prayer is that he can wait to have the surgery until he is older and stronger. PLEASE pray for him, and his parents Larkin and Ben. THANKS!