Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun on the Farm!

Papa Simpson's farm may just be Preston's favorite place on EARTH! I actually put Daddy on birthday party duty yesterday to celebrate George Smith turning 3....I had a lot of errands since we just got back from Dallas...and it was just TOO HOT! (Yes, I used my pregnant card.....gotta do it when you can!) As you can see, Preston and all of the kids had just the best time--but I can't tell you what he smelled like when he got home...OMG!! Straight to the bath he went...

We had a great trip to Dallas-thanks so much to K-K, Kevin and Gran-Gran for keeping Preston! The Four Seasons Las Colinas was just divine, and we spent our days doing not much of anything. We did squeeze in TWO movies and TWO hour-long gym workouts that is the LIFE :) Of course, we ate A LOT, and I spent two hours in A Pea in the Pod, but for the most part we browsed and talked and enjoyed just being together.

I would like to close with a special prayer request. PLEASE say a prayer for Aiden Haddox who is in the PICU at St. Francis dealing with heart complications--he is only WEEKS old! He went into heart failure that is now being controlled by meds, but will almost certainly need surgery to repair his heart. The prayer is that he can wait to have the surgery until he is older and stronger. PLEASE pray for him, and his parents Larkin and Ben. THANKS!

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