Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday at Sci-Port

I'm not fond of eating my words so I guess I won't say I will "NEVER" be a Black Friday shopper, but unless it is at a decent hour I just don't do the Thanksgiving night/wee morning hours shopping thing.  No judgement.  I just don't want to do it.  I'm normally decorating my house on Black Friday, but considering I still have furniture to chalk paint/have re-upholstered/pick up all over Louisiana the Christmas decor will be SPARSE at our house this year.  (Think construction paper garland.....) But that is another post entirely...

Jeff actually had a little work this am but we didn't set an alarm and had a leisurely morning.  We met up with Daddy in town and left Ruston around 10:30 to see the LEGO exhibit at Sci-Port.  Not sure if I have posted this but if you didn't know Preston is obsessed (and I think talented) with Legos.  We have been buying every toy for him you can imagine for 5 years and Legos are the first thing he has truly shown interest in.  So when we heard this "Castle" exhibit was in Shreveport we knew we had to make it. 

It was a GREAT day to go to Sci-Port.  I have been on random weekdays where there were so many school children the people NOT there on a class trip were almost overlooked.  Not today.  We got to really participate in a lot of the exhibits and of course build LOTS of Legos. Loved this day with my boys. 

** I did get a little retail therapy in with a short Target run.  Traffic on Youree was awful. After Sci-Port we hit 1-20 home :) **

** Preston went with Daddy to the duck camp tonight for his first actual "hunt" in the morning.  NO GUN FOR PRESTON!  Hope they have a blast!!!**

Thursday, November 28, 2013

So much to be THANKFUL for!

We have had a great couple of days giving thanks and spending time as a family.  It always goes by way too quickly but I am grateful for the time we do have together.  I hope you and yours had a great turkey day!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

John Cole is TWO Curious!

Had a great time this morning partying with this cute little two year old!  We had a great turnout and although it is NASTY outside these sweet kiddos didn't notice :)  I wanted to document how many times John Cole has told me "tank you" today--as I was loading his cake in the car, as I drove off from picking up his balloons, and most importantly when I asked him if he enjoyed his party.  Thanks to all who came to celebrate!!!

I'm sad he's really not a baby anymore but I am so excited to watch his little personality develop.  Mommy, Daddy and "Paky" love you very much John Cole!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A celebrity sighting....

It's been a kind of slow "news week" in the Parker household.  John Cole was diagnosed with the "Croup" on Halloween he and I spent Halloween night in our jammies while Daddy and Preston went to a friends house for spooky fun.  
** Don't knock Halloween in your jammies until you have tried it.  I very  much enjoyed it.  Now, I did spend the night on a sleeping bag in John Cole's room because I did not trust the monitor...I had to hear every breath my baby was taking...but all it all it was a pretty great night :)

John Cole, if I am really being honest with myself, is JUST NOW getting completely back to normal 11 days later.  The cough lingered and his coloring was just not right.  He's doing great now, and I am so thankful for his sweet teachers at Trinity for calling me ASAP when they new he was a sick baby boy. 

Jeff and Preston have been hunting deer.  They have yet to kill one.  I have been ordering meat online and REALLY hope they kill one soon :)  It's organic y'all!

The house is really coming along.  We had a couple of minor issues with the cabinets which were installed last week, but all in all they were great.  They aren't even saying Christmas anymore--which I KNEW there was no way--and even though in my heart of hearts I DREAMED we would be "settled" in our new home at Christmas I KNOW that moving first of January makes a whole lot more sense and will be soooooo much less chaotic.  Pics later I promise.

Oh..and last but not least....I sorta met Willie last night.  Low key political fundraiser thing was going on so I just got our sweet high school sitter to come over for long enough for me to go get this photo op.  Jeff says it's not like me to be so starstruck.  Maybe it's not...just couldn't help myself.  More later and stay warm!