Friday, January 31, 2014

Better late than never...

Just got these in the mail from Squire Creek.  Wouldn't trade them for anything!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 2014

How is it possible I have not blogged in a month??!!??  It's been a quiet (but FUN!) January and I just wanted to document our happenings.  Preston has really enjoyed keeping Daddy company at the duck camp this Winter.  I will admit when it's just John Cole and me at home I get a little sad when I realize it won't be long until they are both gone...but I am SO GLAD my boys get to have this great experience!

The Tech boys basketball team is very good and FUN to watch so we make a lot of the home games.  This year John Cole does better at staying out "late" so although we don't often make it to the final buzzer we do make it to the second half at least :)  Good family fun!

And lastly we MAY be getting into our house next month???  I have been a little consumed with it lately and apologize to my family and friends if I have been too much so.  Doesn't help that I am my OWN worst critic, but I know it is going to be beautiful and we are so grateful.

We are still waiting for our snow day in until then...stay warm!