Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Mini-Getaway

Right after John Cole was born, my Mom said that when I was done nursing she wanted him for the weekend. This was the weekend. K-K and Gran-Gran split the time with Preston, and Jeff and I have been very grateful to have two whole nights sleep and some time to spend together away...even if it wasn't for long :)

We left Friday around noon, and headed straight to Greenwood, MS. We didn't make a single stop and pulled right up to The Alluvian. (Good thing we didn't need to stop because after Bastrop there is NOT much to look at on this drive!) The hotel is just beautiful and the town quite quaint. The Help was filmed there and I definitely recognized some of the landmarks...but I digress.

We freshened up and headed to the bar at the famous restaurant at the hotel. I did NOT stay on BodyBack Friday night. I had the first Cosmo I've had in a year and it was delicious--I am super scared I've gained back the weight I lost...but I will see Tuesday. Anyhoo, after our cocktail we headed literally across the street to the Viking Cooking School. I actually saw Suzanne Tyler's post about her time there when I decided I wanted to go, and let me just say if you and your husband even remotely enjoy cooking together you should go. I also think this would make a super fun girls night. Mom and Sis--wanna go sometime?? We made veal chops with a mushroom sauce, homeade crab cakes, pan roasted radishes and double chocolate espresso cookies. They provided an appetizer, yummy salad, wine and a Beliini cocktail. I DID NOT STAY ON BODY BACK FRIDAY NIGHT--but it was sooooo worth it!

Saturday morning we hit the gym, breakfast and leisurely headed out of town. We headed to Madison/Ridgeland to do some shopping. We lunched at PF Changs (Yay--a BodyBack option!) and also caught the new movie about 9/11. It was ok--of course really sad but it wasn't the best movie I have ever seen. Glad we got the chance though. We spent most of our time at the new shopping center in Ridgeland--complete with an Anthropologie--and can I say it is super nice. Mom and Sis--wanna go sometime?? (ha!) My biggest purchase was a summer weight coat for our cruise--TECH blue of course :)

We had dinner at a little Italian place in Madison, and headed back home. (I mostly stayed on BodyBack...) We each took an Ambien last night and slept from 10pm til 8:00 and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Today has been spent doing little things around the house and we snuck in yet another trip to the gym and of course a Wal-Mart run for groceries. About to go pick up our boys in just a few minutes...boy, I have sure missed them!

More later....

Saturday, January 14, 2012


What a fun morning! Before I type another word I have to thank my sister for graciously OFFERING to keep John Cole while Preston and I attended two birthday parties this morning. (Daddy is at the duck camp--he says he's not having much luck...) THANK YOU KENDAL! You name it-it's going around out there so I really was glad my sweet John Cole was cuddled up with his aunt. Sorry he was fussy, K, he has been fussy since we got home but I think I just got him down....

Preston and I started out at sweet Sage Tolar's painting party at Buffy Walker's studio downtown. LOVED our time...and I will admit I got a bit of a kick "helping" Preston with his puppy dog. He did well, though, and I thought he stayed on task as well as can be expected when you give a 3 year-old boy a paintbrush.

Next we attended Jack Byrnes' bash held at the Party Galaxy. Didn't get a good picture of Jack but he was enjoying himself, that's for sure! I don't have to tell you what kind of time Preston had. Of course he was drenched in sweat when we left--no worries he got his exercise today. He enjoyed getting to play with Sam Hartwell as they aren't at the same school this year so they haven't been together much. He and Sam have a cute little friendship and I really like to watch them play.

All in all it was a good day. I decided not to put P down for a nap when we got home at 1:30 thinking his staying up would ensure an early bedtime tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I am pretty tired from Body Back and getting up with a newborn....

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Body Back

One of the main reasons I am posting this is to keep myself accontable! After hearing about (and seeing) the phenomenal results that some of my friends achieved participating in the "Mama Wants Her Body Back" program, I was toying with the idea of doing it most of my pregnancy. After John Cole arrived, I was on the fence, and since I was nursing I thought it was not the time for me. Well, as most of you know I was a quitter at nursing (not proud of this) so I had no excuses. There is no reason I can't drastically restrict my calories, workout a minimum of 5 days a week (with two sessions being in an intense group setting) and basically get my body back to its optimum condition. Now, if you know how much I love a glass of Chardonnay or a big diet Coke you know this NOT going to be easy for me. But nothing that is worth doing ever, off to make dinner for night one. Whole wheat pizza crust, marinara, just a sprinkling of reduced fat mozzerella and a ton of veggies on top. I couldn't find mini-wheat crusts at Wal-Mart, so at my best estimation I can have about one large slice...and that's all...till in the morning...I CAN DO THIS!

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Everything Artsy"

In my efforts to expand Preston's artistic horizons AND work on his fine motor skills, I decided to take him to a Mommy and Me preschool art class today. The studio is called "Everything Artsy" and is run by a really sweet girl named Tanya Paul. (I can share the info is anyone is interested.) I am so glad we did this activity on this dreary winter day. John Cole even came along for the fun. Preston showed as much interest in working with a paintbrush, etc. as I have ever seen...and I think that means it was worth the money. Hope you are staying warm and dry....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reading to brother

Love this sweet shot I snapped on my phone yesterday! Preston had the idea he wanted to "read" to John Cole...he even selected the books :) He would have nothing of ME sitting in the chair with them...wanted to do it himself. "I don't need your help, Mommy." Also loved his sweet little narration of some of his favorite books. The words weren't right but the point got across....sweet memories of this special time. Not always the easiest....but special, that's for sure!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fun with Fireworks

Happy New Year everyone! I don't have pics from our New Years Eve celebration last night at the Hunts...but let me just say Nancy outdid even herself and I good time was had by all!

I ran to Dillards this morning for the extra 50% off sale prices sale, and by the time I got there around 11:00 it was pretty picked over as the store had opened at 8:00 today for the big event. I'll know to get there earlier next time--as the deals were pretty good. My biggest purchase was a Jessica Simpson zebra print carry-on that will be perfect for our trip to Europe in June... read that right. Jeff and I will have been married 10 years in June and we just this week officially booked our flights to and from Barcelona as we are taking a week long Mediteranean cruise! We can not WAIT and are so grateful our families are going to keep the boys so that we can have this time together :)

But for today, after Dillards I spent the day at Creeks Edge, and Jeff got some deep discounted fireworks that we enjoyed tonight. Preston is still not quite sure about them, and I just love that he is so cautious. He wanted to be at least 10 feet away from the bottle rockets....

more later....