Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Body Back

One of the main reasons I am posting this is to keep myself accontable! After hearing about (and seeing) the phenomenal results that some of my friends achieved participating in the "Mama Wants Her Body Back" program, I was toying with the idea of doing it most of my pregnancy. After John Cole arrived, I was on the fence, and since I was nursing I thought it was not the time for me. Well, as most of you know I was a quitter at nursing (not proud of this) so I had no excuses. There is no reason I can't drastically restrict my calories, workout a minimum of 5 days a week (with two sessions being in an intense group setting) and basically get my body back to its optimum condition. Now, if you know how much I love a glass of Chardonnay or a big diet Coke you know this NOT going to be easy for me. But nothing that is worth doing ever is....now, off to make dinner for night one. Whole wheat pizza crust, marinara, just a sprinkling of reduced fat mozzerella and a ton of veggies on top. I couldn't find mini-wheat crusts at Wal-Mart, so at my best estimation I can have about one large slice...and that's all...till in the morning...I CAN DO THIS!


Emery Wilkerson said...

You are going to do awesome! You already look awesome but I bet you'll feel great, too, doing this. If I can do the food part... You can DEFINITELY do the food part! I'm so anxious to get back to the workouts! Hoping after a March delivery that I will be ready to go for summer session, but by fall for sure.

The Dugdale Family said...

I am impressed! There's no way I could do all that yet! You'll do great :)