Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea Party

I just don't think a picture can do justice to how BEAUTIFUL Kendal's girly "tea party" turned out today! I can't, however, take much of the credit because her sweet friends took the reigns and made it so special. All I did was make coffee/punch and put out a white tablecloth and they transformed the room. We had a good turnout despite the gloomy weather (I thought this wasn't coming until Sunday?) and Kendal got some beautiful things. Preggo here put my calling card on the WRONG GIFT and had to go up to my gift closet to find the right one--but other than my OOPS I think the party went off without a hitch. Thanks again to Resa for watching Preston this morning as Jeff was also otherwise committed. Hope you are having a great weekend!

***Pregnancy Update***
I realized the other day as I was pulling a crumpled ultrasound picture out of my purse that I had almost forgotten about (SORRY BABY!) that I need to give this pregnancy as much billing as my here goes. I don't even have an official due date yet, but I think I am somewhere in the 8 week range. Truly, up until this week I did not feel pregnant at ALL. (Other than the fact that my stomach just will NOT suck in, ha!) Have no fear, though, because I was working Thursday and had to leave abruptly to go get a snack else I would not have made it! Also, I have been eating like there is no tommorrow! Jeff took me to the Squire Creek crawfish boil last night and I ate all my crawfish, corn, potatoes, sausage AND ice cream....and I had to eat peanut butter/banana before bed. YIKES! Oh well, this may well be the last time I get to do this so might was well enjoy! I am so excited to be feeling pregnant!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blessings...and BIG news!!

As I sit typing this looking at my wilting plants listening to my dryer buzzer going off I realize I don't really need to be blogging right now but you know I just had to get these pics up for my family to see!

We had a great Easter today, still are actually as I listen to Jeff and P outside playing with some new Easter toys :) P got up early and I was so glad I got to see him when he realized the Easter bunny had acutally come. Of COURSE he went for Buzz first, and heartily exclaimed, "COOL! A Buzz Lightyear!" I did take a video on my phone and when aforementioned chores get done I'm gonna try to send it out...I digress.

After church we headed to Squire Creek for lunch and Preston did pretty well. At first they did not have the canteloupe they usually have and he was just eating crackers (I kid you not he wouldn't touch the ROLL!), but when the canteloupe appeared life took an upturn. Of course, his favorite part of the meal is dessert and I was so tickled to get this shot of him weilding that huge spoon to accomplish his mission. We were glad Jeff's Mom joined us, and I love the pic of the three of us together.

Lastly, I would like to share that Preston is going to be a BIG BROTHER sometime in early December!! Jeff and I could not be more thrilled about completing our family, and sincerely ask for your prayers for this little life growing inside me. Much love to all and Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kendal's Coffee

This is just a VERY small sampling of the pictures that were taken this morning at Kendal's coffee in Winnfield. Many thanks to Kristy for being the photographer--you did a great job! And don't worry Mom and K, I'll send them all to you soon! It was fun seeing some old faces and some new ones. It was so nice of Kevins' Mom, Joan, to come down and we had not officially met before today. She was just so nice and I am happy for Kendal for having such a sweet mom-in-law. After the coffee Mom had us over for a yummy lunch then I headed home to see my boys. We all went out tonight to see "RIO" and I am elated to report PRESTON SAT THROUGH THE WHOLE MOVIE! Did not get out of his chair one time...I can't believe it. The Easter Bunny is certainly coming tonight :) After I get his stuff out I am about to call it a night because I have to be at church at 7:50 to sing in BOTH services in the AM...and yes that means I hear the sermon TWICE! But what a great one to hear because our Lord and Saviour is RISEN! Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MDO Egg Hunt-Mrs. Velissa's class

It was so incredibly generous of Jana Beck to host Preston's MDO class Easter Egg hunt this morning! All of the kids had a blast, and I really enjoyed seeing their interaction together. Funny pics I included are Preston trying to get Georgia to hold the ducky--she was not interested :) I also can't help but crack up at George and Preston in their Mommies' sunglasses. And, the picture is not the best but I LOVED the shot of Preston handing the ducky to his teacher Mrs. Velissa. She has been with him since he was barely one and he has really gotten attached to her. No one will be surprised that Preston ate ALL of the candy in his eggs--well, except for what was completely melted that I managed to get away. But he did have a LOT! Oh well, it's only once a year....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trinity Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry about the picture overload, but I really wanted to capture the "experience" of Trinity's Egg Hunt! Have to say Katie did a GREAT job putting this on. Preston was not so sure about ALL of this activity right at first, but soon jumped right in. He was GREAT at hunting eggs (notice the pic of him RUNNING to get the eggs!), marched right up to the "Easter Bunny" and told him repeatedly he wants a Buzz Lightyear from him, of COURSE loved the cupcake and making a craft with his sitter Miss Paige (she's in the purple shirt) and getting his face painted. However, the MAIN attraction was certainly the baby chicks. I think we were there about and hour and a half and he probably spent an hour with the chicks. We had some tense parenting moments when would get excited and shake/throw those poor baby chicks. All of the older children standing around him chastising his behavior did a MUCH better job than I did :) We are so blessed to belong to a church that LOVES kids and is always nurturing them in any way they can. What a blessed celebration!

Kendal's First Shower

What fun it was to spend time with family and some special family friends at Kendal's first shower this morning at Carolyn Hanna's home in Winnfield. Kendal got some BEAUTIFUL things and I think a great time was had by all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kendal's Bachelorette!

Just can't say enough about how much I enjoyed spending these last few days with Kendal and her precious friends in Orange Beach. We stayed at the Turquoise Place and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We did her lingerie shower on Friday night after a BIG night on the town...let's just say it's been a LONG time since I paid a cover charge :) Days were spent lounging on the beach until the beach attendant MADE us come in and most nights were spent just talking and visiting. I have to say thanks to Kendal's friends for helping make the weekend a HUGE success and say I am so lucky to have the sweetest sister in the whole world! Can't wait for showers to kick off Saturday!!