Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trinity Easter Egg Hunt

Sorry about the picture overload, but I really wanted to capture the "experience" of Trinity's Egg Hunt! Have to say Katie did a GREAT job putting this on. Preston was not so sure about ALL of this activity right at first, but soon jumped right in. He was GREAT at hunting eggs (notice the pic of him RUNNING to get the eggs!), marched right up to the "Easter Bunny" and told him repeatedly he wants a Buzz Lightyear from him, of COURSE loved the cupcake and making a craft with his sitter Miss Paige (she's in the purple shirt) and getting his face painted. However, the MAIN attraction was certainly the baby chicks. I think we were there about and hour and a half and he probably spent an hour with the chicks. We had some tense parenting moments when would get excited and shake/throw those poor baby chicks. All of the older children standing around him chastising his behavior did a MUCH better job than I did :) We are so blessed to belong to a church that LOVES kids and is always nurturing them in any way they can. What a blessed celebration!

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