Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea Party

I just don't think a picture can do justice to how BEAUTIFUL Kendal's girly "tea party" turned out today! I can't, however, take much of the credit because her sweet friends took the reigns and made it so special. All I did was make coffee/punch and put out a white tablecloth and they transformed the room. We had a good turnout despite the gloomy weather (I thought this wasn't coming until Sunday?) and Kendal got some beautiful things. Preggo here put my calling card on the WRONG GIFT and had to go up to my gift closet to find the right one--but other than my OOPS I think the party went off without a hitch. Thanks again to Resa for watching Preston this morning as Jeff was also otherwise committed. Hope you are having a great weekend!

***Pregnancy Update***
I realized the other day as I was pulling a crumpled ultrasound picture out of my purse that I had almost forgotten about (SORRY BABY!) that I need to give this pregnancy as much billing as my here goes. I don't even have an official due date yet, but I think I am somewhere in the 8 week range. Truly, up until this week I did not feel pregnant at ALL. (Other than the fact that my stomach just will NOT suck in, ha!) Have no fear, though, because I was working Thursday and had to leave abruptly to go get a snack else I would not have made it! Also, I have been eating like there is no tommorrow! Jeff took me to the Squire Creek crawfish boil last night and I ate all my crawfish, corn, potatoes, sausage AND ice cream....and I had to eat peanut butter/banana before bed. YIKES! Oh well, this may well be the last time I get to do this so might was well enjoy! I am so excited to be feeling pregnant!!

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