Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monster Truck Bash!

I was disappointed that I forgot my camera this morning to go to Kendal's holiday shower, but turns out it was a good thing because Jeff got to get a few shots of Preston at Davis' 3rd Birthday monster truck bash! I don't know what it is, but little boys LOVE trucks! Any kind: expensive, with lots of bells and whistles OR the dollar store versions; big or small; it does not matter! I was unable to attend the party, but I could tell Amanda went all out with the tires and rides in the big Jeep. Jeff said Preston ate hotdog and CARROTS at the party so that lets me know that boy was hungry :) Anyway, hope you are having a great Mom's day week. I could not be more grateful for my Mom and I hope that she knows how much I appreciate her!! Happy Mothers Day!!

***Pregnancy update***
Not to much to report-still feeling about the same. I feel like I am already getting HUGE but just today some Moms with 3+ kids were encouraging me that the growth does come more quickly but is not necessarily exponential. WHEW! Hoping to have another ultrasound when I go to the OB and get some good pics to post :)

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