Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Parker-10 weeks

Did you know that the DR/tech turns the ultrasound screen away from you when they first start looking at early OB appointments? I have noticed this in my many trips to the ob. Thankfully, today, almost instantly Dr. LeBleu said, "Look, I can see the heartbeat already" as she turned the screen around to me. What a beautiful sight! I tell you, I never cease to be amazed at early fetal development. Anyone who has spent much time around me has heard me wonder aloud how someone could not believe there is a GOD when they witness the miracle of a developing embryo into a fetus and beyond. It is truly breathtaking and I feel blessed that God has chosen Jeff and I as parents to this tiny miracle. Although everything looks GREAT so far, please don't stop praying!!! We see the perinatologist on June 1st and are certainly not "out of the woods" yet. But, having said that, I just feel like if something were amiss, some sort of red flag would have been raised by now. I am doing by best to trust in God's as for today, we are super excited, admittedly a little apprehensive but all in all feeling very blessed. Much love to you all!!

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