Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

I don't know who is more excited that the pool is open for the year-Preston or Mommy! Now, if you know me at all you know that laying out in the sun is just about my favorite thing to do, and nowdays that P can float around the pool in his puddlejumper and be entertained for HOURS....well, let's just say it's a Win/Win :) Preston and I were the first people on the first Saturday of the pool season (can you believe it???) and had the pool to ourselves for a few so I got a few shots of him just floating around all by his lonesome having a blast. Georgia and Mrs. Joanna came shortly after we got there, and P and Georgia played together some. They sure did look like little Orient Expressed models in their coordinating blue searsucker swimsuits:) Don't really know why but the club served free hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch we all really enjoyed that. Then, we settled in for a few more hours in the afternoon. P was excited when Cull came, and they had a pretty heated watergun exchange. At about 2:30, it was time to call it a day. As I speak, Preston is chilling watching a movie, and I don't look for him to move soon. Hope you are having a good weekend. Jeff is taking me to dinner tonight to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary...WOW! How time does fly--but we are still having fun!!!

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The Dugdale Family said...

Love the was such a nice day! Fyi.....i am definately doing water aerobics again :)