Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend Beach Trip

Instagram pics will have to suffice because we packed LIGHT for the weekend!  It was lots of driving, but this beach bum thought it was worth it to get two glorious beach days.  The weather was perfect, the kids were GREAT (really, very good) and we all got some R & R.  So grateful for this family time and HAPPY SUMMER!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

T-Ball 2014

So proud of my little slugger!  What a difference two years should have seen his last at bat tonight.  Confident and solid...he is getting so BIG!  Props to Jeff for not only being the coach but for spearheading this entire section of the league.  Over 120 kids--lots of things can go wrong--but he did a great job.  See you next year Dixie baseball...I'll have TWO sluggers next year...can't wait :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Goodbye to's been a GREAT year!

Jeff and I are absolutely THRILLED that Preston will be an AEP Bullpup next year.  Really, it is a great school and we are so glad to have the opportunity to send our children there.  However, I have NOTHING but wonderful things to say about our "warmup" Kindergarten year at Choudrant Elementary.  He is reading UP A STORM, "loves math" and has even matured socially.  Today's program was so sweet and I can't believe another year is coming to an end. The years really do fly by.  I only cried a little this morning--really only when I had to say goodbye to Ms. Reno--but I know it was a good cry because it is a blessing our little guy is thriving.  Goodbye to CES!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Trip to Paradise

Pretty sure I've admitted before that although the "days are long and the years are short" when you have small kids, I fully realize how very blessed I am.  Truly, I do. Everyday life can get hectic but is FILLED with moments that are magical. However, I do not complain and am especially grateful that Jeff still likes to take me on romantic "honeymoons" AND that my family will pitch in to help with the kiddos so we can.  THANK YOU!

Our trip to the Great Exumas, Bahamas was just perfect.  We stayed at the Sandals there--which was actually originally a Ritz that had been redone less than 5 years ago--and I give Sandals two thumbs up! Great room, above average "all-inclusive" food.  Not too terribly crowded.  Not too much of a crazy "Spring Break" vibe.  (Other than the ACTUAL honeymooners we were some of the youngest people there...)

We had a very delayed flight on our trip there--so we lost almost a full beach day--but regardless of where the time was spent I enjoyed spending it with Jeff.  Missed my babies though and can't wait for tacos and a movie tonight curled up with them.

Much love to all!