Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting in the game...

Sorry I don't have more pics--but since it rained the entire time we were at the soccer field this morning I found it more challenging than it was worth to hold John Cole, an umbrella and take pictures.  So, this is what I got :)

What a difference a week makes!  Still don't know why P refused to play last week but he seemed to enjoy it this THIS was our first soccer game :)  P even got in at goalie for a brief period. We rewarded him with a trip to McDonald's after the game.  (We NEVER do that!!) All in all, I think he had fun and that is the whole point.  Go Spartans!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Nursery Rhyme Parade

What a fun Friday morning we have had!  We started our day with the whole family (Daddy too!) attending LPECC's nursery rhyme parade.  It was so much fun and I really enjoyed seeing the creative costumes.  Preston was the mouse who "ran up the clock."  He waved at everyone on the "parade route" through the parking lot and was EATING UP the attention:)  John Cole enjoyed the parade as well, and was waving and clapping to the music.

Afterwards, Mrs. Donna's class went in and the children were to say the rhyme for the character they were dressed up as.  I was SO PROUD of my P as he stood and said "Hickory Dickory Dock" with gusto!  After we left, John Cole and I attended MOPS then had lunch with Daddy at Counter Culture.  John Cole has had a fever virus this week but is doing MUCH better :)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A magical day....

Think I hear the iPhone5 calling my name because pics from my phone just DON'T transfer well to my blog. I have and old-school 4 and Jeff has a 4S and his look better than mine so I bet the 5 would look really good.  I digress....

Jeff and I took a WHIRLWIND trip to Orlando for him to attend a conference one of his clients was hosting.  Even though we were staying at the Disney Swan, I had no idea we would get to go to Disney...but we DID!  It was just one day, but we went as fast as we could and saw as much as we could.  We had so much fun and I've got the Disney bug REAL BAD!  The rest of our time was spent having meals/attending socials with his client and we very much enjoyed our getaway.  THANK YOU to Nana who kept the boys when she was sick herself.....feel better NANA!!

We got back to reality really fast yesterday as poor John Cole was at the pediatrician yesterday with 103.4 degree fever when Nana first arrived with him and was feverish through the night.  His fever did break once last night in the night--he was cool as a cucumber--and although it did not last I was glad I could least get it under control.  He drank 8oz of Pedialyte this morning and is resting so that's all I can do until we go back to the Dr. at 1;15....thanks again Nana too for taking such good care of my sick baby until I could get to him!

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Maybe next time....

Preston was raring to go this morning to his first soccer game.  He was digging his uniform.  He was kicking the ball in the yard and driveway with Daddy.  He even didn't throw a fit leaving a birthday party when it was time to go to the soccer field.  However, when he saw the LARGE crowd of spectators his demeanor changed instantly.  The sidelines is the closest he got to the field.  Here's hoping next week goes a little better.....happy weekend!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rice "tailgate"

Because I was pleasantly surprised about how well John Cole did at the game last night--he really wasn't THAT fussy when we left in the middle of the 4th quarter--I may attempt a long tailgate day when the weather cools some.  Today, however, because of the HEAT and my boys' nap schedules my sweet family came over to "tailgate" at our house before the home opener.  Thanks fam for coming over and for watching boys/taking them to the game so Jeff and I could go to Dr. Reneau's house :)  Off to get ready for church....

P.S.--John Cole still snoozing at 8am :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Senses Day

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged!  I was having issues with the pictures from my phone from the Houston game, so I just gave up.  We had a great time last weekend, though, made all the better by the WIN for the Bulldogs.  Just wanted to document that Preston made it through the WHOLE game and even walked to the hotel on campus BY HIMSELF at 11:30 at night.  His Daddy and I told him how proud we were of him.  Such a fun weekend with family.  Missed my sweet John Cole because he stayed at Resa's house but I think they had some good bonding time :)

So, on to today.  I was excited to finally get to spend some time at Preston's school and with his classmates today at "Five Senses Day."  They spilt the school up into groups and this morning at 8 Mrs. Donna's class and four others made our way to the gym for a PowerPoint and 5 centers set up for each of the senses.  I didn't get the best pics in the world because I was trying to help Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Catherine gather up stamps, put on marker tops, etc.  But at least you get the idea.  Here were the centers:

Taste :  taste pretzel(salty), chocolate chip(sweet), grapefruit(bitter) and pickle (sour) and stamp on chart
Touch: investigate the "mystery boxes" then touch the shaving cream
Smell:  color a picture of the nose and smell the colored marker
Sound:  listen to a recording and pick out sound to identify "bingo" style
Sight: decorate a coffee filter with different food colorings

It was a good time and I am grateful to Gran-Gran for keeping John Cole so I could attend. Hope you all have a good weekend and GO DAWGS!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Grandparents Breakfast

It seems like ages ago that I posted about Preston's first day at LPECC, but really it has only been a few days.  We've been pretty busy. I've worked a good bit, Hurricane Issac came through and we are settling into a Fall routine.

And even though it's only been a few days, I can definitely say Preston LOVES his new school!  He literally jumps out of the car in the morning...skips the running board entirely.  I walked him in the first few days to make sure he knew his way--which of course he did--and by I think day 4 he told me, "Mommy, you can just drop me off."  WOW!  So independent...

Today they had donuts and juice with Grandparents and he was SO excited to have his Nana, Resa, Gran-Gran and Grandfather there.  Pop, there will be PLENTY more Grandparents Days for you to attend :)

More later.....