Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A magical day....

Think I hear the iPhone5 calling my name because pics from my phone just DON'T transfer well to my blog. I have and old-school 4 and Jeff has a 4S and his look better than mine so I bet the 5 would look really good.  I digress....

Jeff and I took a WHIRLWIND trip to Orlando for him to attend a conference one of his clients was hosting.  Even though we were staying at the Disney Swan, I had no idea we would get to go to Disney...but we DID!  It was just one day, but we went as fast as we could and saw as much as we could.  We had so much fun and I've got the Disney bug REAL BAD!  The rest of our time was spent having meals/attending socials with his client and we very much enjoyed our getaway.  THANK YOU to Nana who kept the boys when she was sick herself.....feel better NANA!!

We got back to reality really fast yesterday as poor John Cole was at the pediatrician yesterday with 103.4 degree fever when Nana first arrived with him and was feverish through the night.  His fever did break once last night in the night--he was cool as a cucumber--and although it did not last I was glad I could least get it under control.  He drank 8oz of Pedialyte this morning and is resting so that's all I can do until we go back to the Dr. at 1;15....thanks again Nana too for taking such good care of my sick baby until I could get to him!

Hope you are having a great week!

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