Friday, September 7, 2012

Grandparents Breakfast

It seems like ages ago that I posted about Preston's first day at LPECC, but really it has only been a few days.  We've been pretty busy. I've worked a good bit, Hurricane Issac came through and we are settling into a Fall routine.

And even though it's only been a few days, I can definitely say Preston LOVES his new school!  He literally jumps out of the car in the morning...skips the running board entirely.  I walked him in the first few days to make sure he knew his way--which of course he did--and by I think day 4 he told me, "Mommy, you can just drop me off."  WOW!  So independent...

Today they had donuts and juice with Grandparents and he was SO excited to have his Nana, Resa, Gran-Gran and Grandfather there.  Pop, there will be PLENTY more Grandparents Days for you to attend :)

More later.....

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