Friday, April 3, 2015

Crested Butte 2015

Crested Butte 2015:  THE BEST FAMILY VACAY YET!

Maybe it's because although it is still a LOT of work to travel with young children,  it was a little easier this year.  Maybe it's because we had not ONE but TWO groups of family friends in town with similar aged children to hang out with.  Maybe it was the GORGEOUS weather (but not the best snow).  Maybe it was because Preston finally became a real SKIER!  Most likely it was a combination of all of these because we had the best time both being active and chilling out as a family.

Jeff and I have always worried what will we DO when our kids can out ski us.  Never thought it would come so quick but Preston is almost there. Could not BE more proud of how he learned and with confidence tackled something that is not easy to do if you've only done it like 8 days in your whole life.  SO MUCH FUN SKIING WITH YOUR KIDS :)

John Cole hung out in ski school until the very last afternoon.  He's just not there.  But he had LOTS of chocolate waffles and LOTS of hot chocolate and had a great time.

Just finished putting up the (every year growing amounts) ski gear .  Until next year.....