Saturday, May 30, 2015


What a BUSY and fun Spring we have had!  I am obviously way behind posting...but this rainy day has us stuck inside so I am catching up.

Where do I start??  Of course we enjoyed a super fun Easter this year and this bunny pic is one of my all time favorites.  Jeff says Preston is "too old" to go to the egg hunt next year so it may be my last....sigh...

Preston had a great first pitching machine season on the LA TECH PLANETARIUM team with Daddy as his head coach.  LOVED watching him hit the ball, actually pay attention on the field and MOST importantly saw some sportsmanship I was super proud of.  Still no scoring this year....that comes next...but his team was #1 to me!

Another of Preston's Spring accomplishments was his PERFECT performance in his Spring piano recital. Perfect.  Age 6.  Rhythm, dynamics, posture......and of course not a note wrong.  I really didn't want to push him this year until I could tell if he actually had talent and liked doing it.  But now that I know he absolutely does--on both fronts---we are going guns blazing next year.  Federation, Hymn Festival....the WORKS!  I can't wait to watch his talent flourish.

Can't leave out my John Cole who has been just a joy lately!  (Except for when he whines...ugh....) He has been cheering on his brother for each event...and will soon have his turn :)

And the BIGGEST news of the Spring is that Patrick Woodgate Singh arrived on 5-10-15!!  He is just a doll and we have all enjoyed getting some sweet baby love.  SO EXCITED to be this close to him and watch him grow up.  Gosh I'm going to be busy at the ballpark :)  Congrats KENDAL AND KEVIN!.  (Patrick will call me "Shel-Shel" or Shel if he

And ME?  Well, I have the tennis bug BAD. I play literally every chance I get.  I came in SECOND in the 5.5 and under doubles bracket with my partner Nancy at a recent tourney.  I am playing in a Summer Squire League and driving to Monroe weekly for a league there as well this Summer......and getting some Mixed Doubles fun in with Jeff when I can.  I really have it bad......LOVE IT!

Lastly, Preston's second K year has come to a close and we are READY to tackle AEP 1st grade next year.  THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION!  If anyone has any hesitation at all about preparing a little boy for SUCCESS by giving him another year to mature so he is not the youngest kid in his class let me tell you it is the BEST way to do it.  Preston is reading so well and is a LEADER in his class.  His little friend Hydi nominated him for the "Citizenship" award in his class this year and he won one of four given.  Her mom told me Hydi nominated him because he is "kind. "  That, my blog readers, is something for a Mama to be proud of...and I certainly am ....

More soon!