Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Mini-Getaway

Right after John Cole was born, my Mom said that when I was done nursing she wanted him for the weekend. This was the weekend. K-K and Gran-Gran split the time with Preston, and Jeff and I have been very grateful to have two whole nights sleep and some time to spend together away...even if it wasn't for long :)

We left Friday around noon, and headed straight to Greenwood, MS. We didn't make a single stop and pulled right up to The Alluvian. (Good thing we didn't need to stop because after Bastrop there is NOT much to look at on this drive!) The hotel is just beautiful and the town quite quaint. The Help was filmed there and I definitely recognized some of the landmarks...but I digress.

We freshened up and headed to the bar at the famous restaurant at the hotel. I did NOT stay on BodyBack Friday night. I had the first Cosmo I've had in a year and it was delicious--I am super scared I've gained back the weight I lost...but I will see Tuesday. Anyhoo, after our cocktail we headed literally across the street to the Viking Cooking School. I actually saw Suzanne Tyler's post about her time there when I decided I wanted to go, and let me just say if you and your husband even remotely enjoy cooking together you should go. I also think this would make a super fun girls night. Mom and Sis--wanna go sometime?? We made veal chops with a mushroom sauce, homeade crab cakes, pan roasted radishes and double chocolate espresso cookies. They provided an appetizer, yummy salad, wine and a Beliini cocktail. I DID NOT STAY ON BODY BACK FRIDAY NIGHT--but it was sooooo worth it!

Saturday morning we hit the gym, breakfast and leisurely headed out of town. We headed to Madison/Ridgeland to do some shopping. We lunched at PF Changs (Yay--a BodyBack option!) and also caught the new movie about 9/11. It was ok--of course really sad but it wasn't the best movie I have ever seen. Glad we got the chance though. We spent most of our time at the new shopping center in Ridgeland--complete with an Anthropologie--and can I say it is super nice. Mom and Sis--wanna go sometime?? (ha!) My biggest purchase was a summer weight coat for our cruise--TECH blue of course :)

We had dinner at a little Italian place in Madison, and headed back home. (I mostly stayed on BodyBack...) We each took an Ambien last night and slept from 10pm til 8:00 and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Today has been spent doing little things around the house and we snuck in yet another trip to the gym and of course a Wal-Mart run for groceries. About to go pick up our boys in just a few minutes...boy, I have sure missed them!

More later....

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The Tylers said...

Glad y'all had a great time! I loved that outdoor mall in Ridgeland. And I love Anthropologie. They have one in Boston....better start working the charm so that Matt will let me visit it while we're there!