Sunday, August 14, 2011

Calling all Louisiana Tech Fans!

We are all (mostly pregnant Mommmy!) pretty worn out from our Sunday so far but I wanted to document our day. We started off our day with Sunday School and Worship--it was promotion Sunday so Preston got to go to a new big boy classroom. No diapers allowed--and he did great! His thoughts about his new class, "They don't have racecars or people (he means littlepeople), but they do have dinosaurs and a kitchen!" After we left Trinity we headed to a quick lunch and then headed to the TAC for Louisiana Tech Football Fan Day.

Fan day was a HIT with Preston--he was living it up and tried out all the activites there were to offer. He was not scared of TECH the Bulldog at all, and walked right up to pet him. Then came the jumpy, of course, followed by football toss, face paint, a little visit with CHAMP and even a photo opportunity with Tech's QB Colby Cameron. I wanted to include the piture of he and Miss Paige--she was at the beach this past week with another family and Preston REALLY had missed her. It does my heart good to see how much he loves her, because I know that means she loves him too. After a little more jumpy time and some bubble chasing, we decided it was time to head home. It is too late for him to nap, so he will definitely be down early tonight. Hooray!

Just wanted to comment that little Aiden Haddox has been discharged from the hospital and continues to improve. He still has a hole in his tiny little heart, but he is gaining some weight and is breathing more normally so surgery can be postponed for now. Thanks for your prayers for this sweet family! Happy Week!

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larkin said...

thanks shelley for all the prayers and support. hopefully one day i'll see you soon!