Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Preston's First Day of Pre-K3!!

I can not TELL you how excited Preston was this morning to go to his "big boy room" for his first official day of Preschool in Mrs. Tory's class today. You see, he is going to Trinity, like he has all of his life, but we made a big deal about it being a big boy room, with a big boy potty, etc. Normally, I send ratty spare clothes to school, becuase I don't know how the teachers do it but somehow they really keep the kids pretty clean. This year, however, I sent a pretty nice outfit because I am so stressed out he is going to get excited and not want to stop to go and have an accident...but he could certainly prove me wrong :)

My mom has been telling me that this is the most fun age--and I think I agree. I wish I could bottle his CONSTANT wanting to learn new things that is coupled with the most sweet innocence. So excited to hear about what he has learned today!! More later...

***Pregnancy update***
Just clicking along and will be 26 weeks tommorrow! Hooray! I am starting to get a little tired again, and slightly uncomfortable when turning over in bed, but for the most part I still feel GREAT! I will, however, NEVER cease to be amazed at things people consider to be appropriate to say to a pregnant person. Now, the belly rubbing doesn't bother me at all, as only people I know want to do that, but the little comments REALLY get under my skin. Even something as simple as "you sure are getting bigger" is something I could do without. I mean, it is not polite to tell someone who is not pregnant they "sure are getting bigger" so I just don't know why people think you can just say that to a mom-to-be and not consider that it could be offensive.....that's my rant for the day :)

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