Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rainy Game Day

Jeff and I both knew yesterday that it was not looking good for our trip to Hattiesburg today. I was keeping a positive attitude, drug out all of our raingear, and went to bed last night still planning to go. We woke up this morning, however, and realized that even IF the game gets played, it sure won't be much fun sitting in 25-35 MPH winds. We are SO GRATEFUL to K-K and Kevin for offering to keep P while we went to the game, and for the date night last night, but do feel like we made the right call cancelling our room and trip. I guess we'll just consider our game tickets a donation to the cause of getting Tech's traveling fan numbers up:)

When K-K brought P back today from a big day spent in Bossier, he INSISTED on putting on his TECH jersey for "gameday." He told me he was the quarterback, I was the cheerleader and he was going to tackle Daddy. As you can see, he is definitely getting his tackling practice....and he has really gotten STRONG! We've really had to hammer in "no tackling girls or mommies" because he packs a whallop when he comes at you :)

Hope all of your teams do well today...and GO DAWGS!!

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