Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Although I know in my heart that John Cole is perfectly healthy, when Dr. LeBleu said he was "measuring small" two weeks ago I think I would not be human (or a mom-to-be) if I did not have a brief moment of concern. However, today when both Jeff and I (wasn't it sweet of him to come!) got to get a sneak peek of this little bundle of joy, all concern was put to rest. You see, not only is this baby NOT SMALL, he's gonna be big! Preston weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and John Cole is right on track to be around 8 lbs...because he already weighs 3 1/2 lbs! I ask A LOT of questions when I am having an ultrasound--can you see heart valves (no, not at this time but all four chambers are there), is the heart on the left (yes it is), is his cord in danger of wrapping around his neck (no, I have a lot of fluid so that is usually not an issue when there is plenty of amniotic fluid), is his head down (YES! His head is camping out way down in my pelvis--that's why I seem small--he's getting ready to go!), does his spine look healthy (perfect!). You get the drift....I am probably a little bit annoying but I just CAN'T help it! It's my BABY!!!

Don't you just LOVE this 4D picture??? I think he looks just like Preston...but Preston thinks he looks like Mommy :) Hope you are having a good week! More later...

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