Sunday, September 25, 2011

Battle of the Bulldogs

As I sit here, I feel like I need something to prop my eyelids open, but I am so glad that we decided to take a Parker family outing to Starkville yesterday to see the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs play the Mississippi State Bulldogs :) We left yesterday around 9:30 and headed straight to Starkvegas. We got to the alumni tailgate tent with plenty of time to hang out with our family that had also made the trip. We headed into the game and were VERY excited to see that Nana and Pop had seats that were so close to ours...that REALLY helped us with Preston. He was a TROOPER and we got to watch the whole game...even into the devastating overtime loss that I just can't talk about right now. After the game, we drove about an hour to a Holiday Inn Express in Winona to peel off clothes, put on jammies and put a VERY tired little boy to bed. I was almost congragulating myself on how EASY this all was until litle man sleeping between Jeff and me started tossing, and turning, and kicking me in the back...etc. WHEW! We didn't get much sleep but it was a family adventure that's for sure. The definite low point was Preston's insisting at 2:30 in the morning he was "really hungry" that was fixed by animal crackers and water All in all, it was a super fun time and I am so glad we decided to go. After all, Preston needed to get started on checking off all of the stadiums he's been to...and technically John Cole went with us too! Hope you have a great week!

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