Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dream Come True

If you know me at ALL, you know that I am a musical theater junkie.  No, really.  I know every word to my favs and have seen almost all of the shows every produced.  Can't get enough.  As a little girl...heck, as a big girl, I have always DREAMED of singing on stage in the lead role of a musical.  My top choices would be Elpheba (Wicked) and Eponine (Les Mis) but really any dream will do ...(get it???)

I auditioned for the Lead in Ruston Community Theater's production of Oklahoma and literally could not BELIEVE I got the role!  I felt silly trying out because...let's face it....I'm knocking on 40.  But I GOT IT!  I gave that audition my ALL--I really acted a fool---and I GOT IT!

Early in the process I was painfully aware that although my singing voice--and believe it or not my old person dancing skills--are pretty great.  My ACTING was a little lacking at first.  That coupled with the fact I had a LOT of love scenes with that cute cowboy I'm pictured with and I just was rattled...nervous, unsure of myself,...doubting....rattled.  BUT I STUCK IT OUT.  I had to totally get OUT of any sort of comfort zone...and in the end I thought my performance was on point!  Broadway is NOT calling...but on point for RCT!

Had a little sidetrack a week before the show when a show prop I was riding on catastrophically broke while I was on it and I ended up with 5 (yep, 5) staples in my HEAD......but I rallied and was at rehearsal the VERY NEXT NIGHT.  Look, you can't keep me down.  And, they weren't giving my part away...oh no way!

Preston had a TINY role in the show and of course he LOVED staying up late, eating junk food and playing on his iPad...oh yes and his  But I was truly proud of some of the acting I saw from him onstage...he may have the bug as much as Mommy does.....

Gotta keep my figure and get some botox so I can hopefully have a few more years trying for leading lady roles.  It was a BLAST!!  So grateful to Jeff for essentially being Mr. Mom for months while I followed my dream...know not every husband would do that.

Until South Pacific 2017.....

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