Friday, February 26, 2010

Preston's Vacay to Nana and Pops

My mom took a bunch of pictures while she and Pop where keeping Preston, so I thought I would share some here. Preston did get to play in the snow in Winnfield, but just like most of you with similar age children have told me--he wasn't so jazzed about it. I mean, he mostly enjoyed splashing in the mudpuddles from the melting snow......
Also, my mom likes to bathe Preston in her utility room sink because it is easier on her you can see he likes that :)
Last pic is Preston with my Grandmother. She and my Grandfather have a BEAUTIFUL yard that they love to spend time in. (Well, my Grandmother enjoys it more than my Grandfather, HA!) Anyway, Preston went to see them while we were gone and had a blast outside I am sure.
Happy rainy day!

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