Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mt. Crested Butte Adventures

I just don't know if Jeff and I have had a better vacation together! Of course, we missed Preston so much while we were gone, but knew he was in very good hands with Nana and Pops :)
We just got back yesterday from a week-long adventure to Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado. Jeff and I had not skied for 4 years, but really fell right into step and enjoyed skiing together. Now, I bit the dust more than Jeff did--but in my defense half the time I was just trying to keep UP with him because he goes Kamikaze (sp?) down the mountain!
We made our trip with two other couples-the Richards from Ruston and the Paces from Shreveport-so that made it all the more fun. Of course, we had some date nights out, but for the most part we cooked in our condo at night and enjoyed relaxing watching the Olympics together.
The pictures I have don't do the beauty of this mountain any justice. While riding up the lift, we often just marveled at the beautiful scenery God has made. We got A LOT of snow--36 INCHES during the last 36 hours while we were beautiful :)
I just feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to make this trip...and can't WAIT to take Preston down the slopes...happy week!

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