Thursday, June 26, 2014

Greetings from Camp Ch-Yo-Ca

Preston is REALLY enjoying his second year at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca in Calhoun.  I am really enjoying getting to see pictures of what he is up to as they have a photographer taking pics all day and they post them online.  Of note:

1) I had a proud Mommy moment when I picked him up yesterday and they told me how much they are enjoying my P. Shown is him riding on the shoulders of the counselor named "Preston" and rumor has it they are both favorites at camp :)

2) The Bible story was The Good Samaritan on Tuesday and Preston gave me an expert play by play of the action.  I was also proud that day he told me he shared the Smarties he found on the ground with one of his new friends...

3) Thanks fam for all of the mail to him.  He says you have to do a dance when you get mail, but he got so much yesterday he had to do the "chicken dance!"  He loves it and I appreciate you effort.

LOVE THIS PLACE and so grateful it is right down the road. Hopefully I will get some more shots from Thursday and Friday :)

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