Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Picture Overload

Christmas 2011 is one I will always remember--that is for SURE!!

I've spent a lot of time in the middle of the night, in the dark quiet with a newborn baby boy, and I can't help but think of Mary doing the same thing...2045 (give or take-wasn't Jesus 34 when he was crucfied?) years ago. Although so many things have changed--like my child uses the words "text" and "download" correctly in a sentence, but so many things remain the same. Like the way a baby is completely dependent on his parents and the miracle life is today just like it was all those many years ago....and the biggest miracle of all is that that tiny baby born in Bethlehem lives in our hearts today! I will never get tired of hearing the Christmas story and hope I can continue to emphasize the true meaning of the season to my boys :)

We enjoyed meeting Nana, Pop, K-K and Kevin Christmas Eve children's service last night--it was geared for the kids that's for sure but I was glad we got to share it together. We then all headed to K-K's for dinner and presents. Wasn't K's table just beautiful? We had a great night--P was the "trash man" and was pretty excited about the "biggest present in the WORLD" his new train table and his new iTouch. We called it a night and headed home....anxious for Santa to arrive (see P putting out his reindeer food) and to spend Christmas Day together....until....

Around 10 or so I was feeling pretty nauseous and asked Jeff if he was too because he was white as a sheet. Sure enough, we both started battling a bug in the next minutes. It was not a one time in touch with family at Kendal's in the night and she and Nana were sick too....must have been something we had eaten--BOO! We were all up all night and needless to say Christmas Brunch did not happen this morning...but thankfully Jeff and I felt good enough to at least make it through Christmas morning, and are both feeling almost normal this afternoon. And the ONE TIME I am glad Preston is a picky eater was last night--he had not eaten what we had that made us sick so thankfully he did not get it..whew! It's just one of those things that happen--and even though I hate it happened when it did we are still so blessed :)

Hope you have had a great Christmas with your off to help Jeff put together this train table...don't know if we will finish tonight but we can try! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.....

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The Dugdale Family said...

Oh no! I hate that y'all got sick!!! I was hoping we hadn't somehow given yall the stomach bug - I hate that it was from something you ate. A christmas you wont forget!!!