Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shepherd's Breakfast

So happy that Jeff and I got to share with Preston this morning an activity that was centered around the real reason for the season--Jesus' birth! Our children's minister asked Jeff and I if we would be Mary and Joseph for the annual Shepherd's breakfast this morning--becuase we have the newest baby boy at church :) The three's and four's have a little breakfast (well, not little for P as I think he had FOUR chocolate covered donuts!) then go hear the shepherds tell the Christmas story. Jeff, John Cole and I just sat and listened to Brian Mercer tell the story. Never have I been so proud when Brian asked the group what was the reason we celebrate Christmas and Preston said, "It's Jesus' BIRTHDAY!" John Cole, of course, did great in his first acting role...and I think I am going to join him now for a snooze...Happy Birthday JESUS!

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