Friday, May 4, 2012

Two big announcements.....

You might have gathered that we are pretty big Louisiana Tech fans.  Yep, we sure are!  And we would not have missed today's press conference to announce Tech being invited to join Conference USA.  YAY!  Now, Jeff can tell you numbers and specifics, but from what I gather this is good news because:

1.  The WAC will be no more.
2.  CUSA pays A LOT more in TV royalties.
3.  CUSA is a regional conference meaning we will get better recruits because they will be enticed by their families and friends being able to see more of their games.
4.  Tech will save a SLEW of money because we won't have to fly to Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, etc. all of the time for football, baseball, get the picture.
5.  And most exciting to me--we can go to away games!

So proud of all of the work that was done behing the scenes to make this happen!

And, drumroll please, the other big news is that JOHN COLE FINALLY ROLLED OVER THIS MORNING!  Look, we would not be human if we did not compare ourselves to others.  And I will admit I am especially bad at comparing my children.  Not to the point that I change the way I do something or get upset but I do compare.  Guilty.  Anywhoo, I was getting really worried because he just would NOT roll over and he gets tons of tummy time because he SLEEPS on his stomach.  So, this morning when I went to retrieve him from his crib after his morning nap, and he proceeded to roll on his back, I was relieved.  (He even did it a second it's no fluke!)  So grateful he is where he needs to be :)

Happy Weekend.!

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