Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rumble in the Jungle

Even though it is two hours later I am still a little teary from the end of the year program at Trinity Preschool.  I am emotional for a lot of reasons today,but when I was watching my little man be such a grown-up boy AND when I watched all the sweet pictures of all of the precious children during the slideshow I was crying like a little baby.  (I did glance over my shoulder and most of the moms I saw were in the same boat :)

We STILL have not decided where Preston is going to school next year, but we have decided he is graduating from Trinity today.  WE LOVE TRINITY PRESCHOOL!  We are moving him because he won't sit in the sanctuary with us because he wants to go play....and that is the ONLY reason.  So, he has spent a LOT of time with these MDO/Preschool teachers over his three years and it is just sad to me that is coming to an end.  I tried to get a pic with his teacher this year, Mrs. Tory, but all I got was the top of her head.  I think you can tell though, from his smile, how P feels about her :)

Of course John Cole came to the show.  He loved hanging out with his Gran-Gran and P was so glad she came.  He did not see us in the audience at first but when he did his face sure did light up!!

Hard to believe another school year is coming to an end.  Happy Summer everyone!

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