Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spontaneous Beach Trip

Jeff and I are pretty much the polar opposite of spontaneous.  We do not make rash decisions.  We plan out our every move well in advance.  (ESPECIALLY ME!)  So, when Jeff came home last Tuesday night with a condo pulled up on his iPad that was available for the Memorial Day weekend--at a decent price--and said he wanted to get away I was super excited and said leave the details to me :)

The boys and I, and our sweet babysitter Miss Kelli, left Friday morning.  We have never taken a sitter to the beach before and I can say it was a success.  We all arrived in time to grocery shop, unload AND put in some pool time before the boys went to bed and we had dinner.  Jeff left after a loan closing he had Friday and unfortunately ran into some traffic so it was later when he got there but not too bad.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday we did--BEACH!  Kelli was a HUGE help with the kids just to have an extra hand and extra set of eyes with kids in the water.   Saturday night we had a date night, Sunday night we all had my favorite Southern Living Beach Shrimp on the patio (well, P had pizza--see above :), and Monday night we had family night out as Miss Kelli met up with a friend and they went to dinner.  We left at a pretty good hour this morning and had a great trip home.

Some highlights:

-John Cole was a PRINCE in the car.  No really, sometimes I don't konw how I got so lucky!  Now, he was a little fussier today than he was Friday but still all in all I can NOT complain
-The boys took their first bath together this trip.  They were both sunscreeny and sandy and I just wanted to knock out bathtime.  Can't WAIT til John Cole can sit up better and we can do double bath all the time!
-Preston is literally going to be a polician, lobbyist or something like that one day.  You can see he made friends with some big kids and talked them in to taking him on their paddleboard.  He LOVED it--made me a little nervous--but I was proud that he was willing to give it a go!  He also had a little girlfiend named Ella that was constantly by his side....precious!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Happy (late) Memorial Day!

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