Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Pool Trip 2012

I have admitted on this blog previously that NO ONE is more excited when the pool opens than I.  I may or may not even have called yesterday to make SURE they did not have it open and were not advertising it....they do that sometimes!

So, completely in character I opened up the pool this morning with Theo's water aerobics workout.  Let me tell you, it was just that!  It was just me and Debbie VanDeVelde, and we rocked it.  I left refreshed and ready for my day. 

Preston was excited to attend two birthday parties today, and all the while Jeff was at Tech graduation giving away the tower medallion, so I was tired when we GOT to the pool.  But, I was so glad we went.  John Cole was a natural.  He was kicking his feet in the water and enjoyed his time with Mommy.  Preston, of course, was WAY to busy to have his picture made.  I was so proud of him because on the way there I asked him if he needed his little life vest floatie and he said he did.  Good decision making!  I will admit it was partly for me as this year is a whole new ballgame and I could not keep my eye on him the whole time because I was watching John Cole.  I am confident, though, that we will learn a new normal and have a great pool season :)

It sure was easy putting two tired boys to bed tonight!  Yay for summer!!

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The Dugdale Family said...

I planning to go to the workout and then forgot about it!!! Im sure it was great. Yay for the pool opening!! Looking forward to swimming with yall this summer :)