Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This mama (and mama-to-be) has had a LONG day, but I wanted to get this post up so Nana could check it out :) And to say I can not WAIT for my birthday pre-natal massage from my parents which is scheduled for the morning is an UNDERSTATENT! Back to Halloween :) The next few years will probably be fun, but three is DEFINITELY a fun year to take a child trick-or-treating! Preston had a blast, and Jeff and I learned some things as this was really the first year we have taken P on a formal trick-or-treating trip. I did take him downtown while Dad was still at work, and it was fun, but I would definitely say to come early and then get out early. We ran into a lot of friends, including Ally--such a cute couple :) After that downtown, we headed to CTB, Resa's and K-K and Kevin's house. It was leaving The Singhs that he had his only real "I want CANDY!" meltdown of this night. Otherwise, he did great to understand that he could only have a small amount of candy. (And P.S. Kendal he DID get into his flashlight--he was having a ball with it in the car when it got dark!) So, after those stops we thought we would head to Wedgewood because we heard a lot of people go there and WOW--I had NO IDEA! It was like a scene out of a movie or something but super fun. We ran into Davis and I love this pic of them together :) We stayed there until it was getting dark and decided to make one more stop and Grandfather and Gran-Gran's then head home. We dined on cheesetoast, tomato soup and apples and put a really tired little BUZZ down to bed. What a FUN night! Hope you all got lots of treats :)

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