Sunday, October 23, 2011

Under the Big Top

Well, it was a pretty big tent--only one ring inside but I assure you Preston did not notice :) Jeff is gone to the World Series tonight so I was happy to have a date with my little man this afternoon as we went to the circus the Jaycees brought to town. We only arrived minutes before the show started, so we (thankfully!) only had time for one ride. It may have not been the best parenting decision to let him ride an elephant that I had no guarantee was trained, but it turned out fine and he LOVED it!. The actual show lasted two hours, and although parts of it were downright comical, I am grateful we had the opportunity to attend so close to home. I just put a tired little boy to bed--who had essentially popcorn for supper--but it was a day to remember for sure. Happy Week!

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