Friday, October 7, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Tonight was not Preston's first trip to Chuck E Cheese in Monroe--his Aunt K-K and Uncle Kevin took him when we were gone to Dallas this Summer. He was SO EXCITED to get to go because he kind of knew what it was all about and we had a great family night! P and I picked Daddy up from work just a tad early to beat the rush, and we went straight there. We were all hungry, so we ordered our pizza right away. (Note: the pizza was not half bad--but I am pretty pregnant and will eat just about anything right now :) Of course, we played some games first, but then sat down to eat and Preston actually ate pizza since we told him he had to if he wanted to play more games. We were there about an hour and a half total, and he really was pretty good at the games. Now, skeeball was not his forte--but he cheered himself on every time he got a gutter ball. "Yes! I DID IT!" His favorite game was shooting plastic balls into a moving hippo...and it was pretty tough to actually score...but he didn't care--he was just having fun throwing the balls. I got a workout from picking up the misses :) After redeeming our tickets for Nerds and AirHeads, we ran to Target then headed home. Just put a sleepy boy to bed...hope he sleeps in tommorrow!! Happy Weekend!

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