Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calling all Cowboys!

When I was downloading these pics, I titled the folder "Boys' Rooms" and just thought how strange that was to type will be commonplace for me to use "Boys" in the very near future, though :) Hope you enjoy the glimpse into John Cole's and Preston's rooms, along with their shared little bathroom. Since I am not the best photographer, I think it is MUCH cuter in person, but I just wanted to document while everything is fixed and neat. Hope you are enjoying this PERFECT weather.

***Pregnancy Update***
Saw Dr. Lebleu yesterday and it was VERY uneventful...and that is a good thing! I go back on November 2nd for appt/ultrasound, then start my once weekly visits. I am still feeling pretty good--tired in the evening but that's probably because I do to much during the day :) My lower back has been bothering me, don't remember this with Preston, but I realize if that is all I have to complain about I am BLESSED!!

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