Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girls Birthday Trip

Taking advantage of this rainy afternoon to catch up on some blogging!  Had a whirlwind trip to New Orleans Tuesday/Wednesday with Mom and Kendal.  We never do this.  Never.  And I will not tell a story --even though boys were at their normal daytime away from home places--I texted teachers and babysitters a MILLION times while we were gone.....

We stopped to see Gran's new digs at HealthSouth on our way down.  Please continue to pray for her as she is terribly weak.  We may have to entertain the nursing home soon.  Hopefully the decision will be clear.

And we had a little TINY problem at check-in as our Monteleone reservations were for MONDAY night instead of TUESDAY...oopsie!  But we got everything squared away...and got a room. YAY!  WE shopped for literally an hour before it was time for dinner.  The hotel gave us free drink coupons for all of the trouble (SCORE!) so we visited the historic Carousel Bar before heading to Commander's Palace.  The night was so fun. Our meals were delicious.  We even hit up the piano bar at Pat O's before calling it a night. (NOT A NORMAL TUESDAY :)

Wednesday morning we all had a little workout then were showering/getting dressed for breakfast when I noticed a big bruise on Mom's left arm.  I honestly thought it was where she had gotten her flu shot or something.  She looked at it, said she hadn't had a flu shot and couldn't remember bumping her arm with enough force to leave that kind of a bruise.  She was feeling of it and there was a walnut shaped mass underneath her skin.  And we were all certain it was NOT there the night before because she wore a sleeveless dress.  Gran has blood clots.  So Mom thought it could be a blood clot.  Look, I know just enough to be scary so we HAD to go find out.  We took a cab to Oschner's ER.  We were seen immediately and after some examinations and tests they think it's not a blood clot. YAY!  A couple of things still cause us a little concern as of say a prayer but I think everything is fine.

So....considering we had had ZERO breakfast after working out and didn't get out of ER until almost one we were STARVING for lunch.  My Dad went to dental school with the owner of Bon Ton cafe on Magazine so we tried it out.  My steak was so yummy!  (Yes, steak.  I'm eating Paleo.  That's another post!)  More shopping then we headed home.

Can't believe Mom is 60 and I'm 35. We are so blessed.  Let's do it again soon girls!

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