Monday, September 30, 2013

Sports Weekend in Dallas

There is a first time for everything.  I went to Dallas this weekend and attended THREE sporting events and a fair and only visited one retail establishment just to pick up something I had previously ordered.  You know what?  I had the BEST time with my boys.  I guess I am officially a boy mom :)

Jeff took off work Friday and stayed home to watch John Cole so I could go to Apple Day (see previous post) then I checked Preston out around 10:15 and we headed to Dallas.  I had to go pick up some fabric and curtain rods in Addison, but after that we headed to the Tech team hotel and checked in.  We hung out with Nana and Pop for a little while before Preston went to the Medieval Times for Landon and Kennedy's birthday party while we met up with KK and Kevin at the Rangers game.  John Cole did great at his first Major League game!  Of course, being in the suite REALLY helps but all in all he was  PRINCE. THANKS CTB!  And the Rangers won the game....

We were at the gate when the State Fair of Texas opened Saturday morning.  (See many previous posts about me being on a I wanted the boys to get to do as MUCH as they could before the game started/rains came.  I was super impressed with how clean this place was.  And there was so much to do we only scratched the surface.  But I think the boys got a good sampling. We met up with our fam and did a few things together before the Tech game...which was delayed.....then we all got in the gate and...,

THE BOTTOM FELL OUT!  Thunderstorms and lightning.  Bad.  So we all (As in all of the people at the game) waited in the concourse for well over an hour for the game to start.  Jeff and Preston had all access passes and got to go down onto the field for kickoff--pretty cool.  And the game started and we were all settling in.....then they said the game is suspended AGAIN!  So we waited longer.  Then they started up again.  Then it was HALFTIME!  Then they finally got to play...but TECH lost unfortunately.  It's HARD to be a Louisiana Tech fan...but I will ever loyal be...

I like to do it ALL so we were happy to grab some desserts at the fair and catch the light/fireworks show to top off our night.  Then we went to the hotel with some tired boys(and girl!)

Sunday morning when I pulled the curtains back I could not BELIEVE how gorgeous it was outside.  Like picture perfect.  So even though we hadn't planned on it, Jeff had all the suite tickets for the 2:00 Rangers game (last of the season!!) so we decided to go.  We hit up the Dallas World Aquarium right across the street from our hotel and it was so neat.  Then we headed off to Arlington for lunch in the suite and a great game. And the Rangers WON so they play a game tonight to see if they get the wildcard...fingers crossed!

SO grateful for this family time and making memories with my boys.  Now, off to the laundry pile....:)

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