Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Routine

Just wrapping up a quiet weekend at home.  We have definitely gotten into a Fall routine around here and I for one LOVE it!  Early mornings--esp on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Mommy goes to give people medicine--but those lead to early bedtimes :)

Preston is doing GREAT in Kindergarten!!!  He brought snack for the first time last week and I thought his trail mix turned out pretty cute...and tasty :)  He is learning to read and learning simple math concepts daily--so fun to see him be excited about school.  And somehow his learning has inspired his artistic side.  He is asking to color and paint a LOT lately--so of course little brother wants to join in too!

Preston went to his Nana and Pop for most of the weekend so Jeff and I enjoyed spending yesterday with just John Cole.  He is pictured here with one of our neighbors Rhodes K.  Sweet friends!  John Cole is really growing up--22 months today!--and is just the best child.  He is taking an antibiotic for some gunk in his chest but hopefully will be 100% soon.

This last pic is Preston with Donkey from "Shrek" the musical that his Nana and Pop took him to see last night.  So happy that he loves musical theater as much as his Mommy!

Hope you have a great week and are settling into your Fall routine!

PS--Please keep praying for Gran. She is still in the rehab portion of the hospital and is terribly weak.

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