Friday, October 25, 2013

CES Pumpkin Day

Well, if you thought I didn't get many pictures of Apple Day, just look at how few I got on Pumpkin Day!  I was put to work and happy to do it as I manned one of the craft stations pretty much solo.  Love getting to see how the kids interact and getting to know the teachers better.  As you can tell Preston absolutely ADORES Ms. Reno...for good reason she is just the sweetest...and he's learning sooooooo much.  I think only my family reads this so I want to chronicle also I was so happy to be at school today when Preston won his first "award."  All of those art classes I put him in paid off I guess :)  Anyway, I have yet to see his art but it won second place for the entire Kindergarten.  Way to go Preston!  We are proud of you thriving in school.

Hope you get out and enjoy this's GORGEOUS!  Happy Weekend!

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