Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast

Oops!  Just realized that none of my pics from the actual "feast" turned out but when Preston is in silly face mode you have to take what you can get :)

Loved going with Jeff to the LPECC for this special day.  Preston was quite sad that Pilgrims did not eat Lunchables thus he did not have his regular lunch fare.  We all enjoyed our meal--really, it wasn't that bad--and spending time together.  Of course, Preston and Remy could not stay apart for long, and were wearing their hats backwards clowning around as soon as they got through eating....

P is on day 3 of Augmentin because he was diagnosed with strep throat Monday.  Poor thing was pretty sickly but is ALMOST back to his normal self. Please pray John Cole's CONSTANT runny nose stays just that...a runny does not turn into a bacterial infection.  He needs to be well for his first birthday bash Saturday!

Hope you are all doing's chilly out there!

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