Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hijinks

Well, another (and John Cole's FIRST!) Halloween has come and gone and 2012 goes down as one to remember!  I will say that getting good pics of BOTH of the boys has become difficult if not impossible, so I hope these "real life" shots will provide a glimpse of our evening :)

This year for Halloween Preston was the San Diego Zoo "Zookeeper"--costume a Christmas gift from sweet Miss Paige--and John Cole was monkey.  Now, Preston wanted to be the zookeeper so that's why John Cole was a monkey but Jeff and I knew we could not hold him all night thus the idea for the "cage."  I casually mentioned the idea to Grandfather one night and the next thing I know he was here to measure the wagon :)  Thanks, Grandfather, for helping make trick-or-treating a little easier and making us the BIGGEST hit!  Everyone LOVED the monkey in the cage...but I just happen to think it was because of the super cute monkey...

We were not able to go to as many houses as last year,because both boys were SUPER tired, but all in all our night was a HUGE success.  Have to give yet another shout out to Nana for all her help.  Also, I'm grateful to Jeff for being a good sport.

Until next year....

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