Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kansas City Southern Comes to Town!

My pics aren't the best, but they do I think give you a glimpse of our afternoon welcoming the KCS Santa train to town!

The plan I had was to kill some time after I picked up Preston at 2:45, so I got my car washed and leisurely meandered downtown fully planning to go grab a cupcake with the boys at SocialBites before we went to see the train.  BUT, when I pulled up to my strategic parking spot South of the track at 3:10 and saw the line with about 50 people we changed plans and got in line!

So, we were IN LINE at 3:15.  John Cole was a PRINCE in his stroller for well over an hour while we waited. Santa actually rolled in at 4:00 and the train wasn't ready til about 4:20 so P even got to visit with him before our tour.  I didn't attempt a pic with Santa with both kids because a) they weren't even dressed that cute b) after an hour in the stroller I could just about guarantee John Cole's reaction to him and c) I didn't know how much time we had before train line rolled.  (Think I'm just trying to justify no pic with John Cole....)  Preston could only remember one thing he wants from Santa--a remote control helicopter.  He was quite stricken with the man in the red suit but I told him not to worry he would have other chances......

Now we get to get on the TRAIN!  I will say I was impressed mostly with the extremely friendly "elves" KCS brought on the train.  They even rolled my stroller to the end of the line while we toured the train.  Little touches that made this a great time.  The elves heaved P onto the train and the rest was just magical.  Every square inch was filled with snow, tinsel, ornaments, figurines....yep pretty gaudy but the kiddo set LOVED it.  And the train room was next to none.  I really wish we would have had more time to explore but they were shuttling us through pretty fast.  They even handed out favor bags at the end and the boys bathed with their Christmas rubber duckys tonight.  All in all it was a great time.  Love, love this time of year :)

**PS**  K-K Preston told ALL the people in line with us about his letter from Santa :)

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